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Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Women

Data shows that 24.5 Billion $$$ are wasted on unwanted gifts per year?!?! Wha?! Huh?! Yup! 

Don’t become part of that statistic!!

Here is a super-quick guide to help you!

Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Women:


1. The Ultimate Birthday Gift Box - A UNIQUE GIFT TO REMEMBER



Do you love sampling everything? Like, do you do the happy dance when someone hands you a variety of treasures? I do, ha! I think you know what I mean, lol. This is BEYOND the ultimate charm...all in one, (deliriously amazing), goodie charmed crate! I’m talkin, not one goodie, not two but a colorful buffet of treasures to give you the real FEELS baby! Pampering your full body, mind, spirit, nourishing all your senses!

Whoever gets lucky with this basket will indeed be spoiled silly with an abundance of trending birthday delectables!!! 

Heck, I get giddy, “gettin jiggy wit it”.... (10% discount if you can tell me who said that, ha! *Hint* Fresh Prince Of….)


2.  Pretzel & Chocolate Gift Tray


For the sweet tooth in your life….or if you just want to gently tell your friend they’re a bit nuts sometimes but that you still love ‘em to pieces…? Choose your nuts carefully. I just LOVE the sweet and salty combo they come in. FYI I can’t stop eating the pretzels, oh God that sweet and saltiness in my mouth. White vanilla chocolate is sick. 


3. Cosmetics Galore 

Ok, some pretty cool things about this good babe is when you order your first box of hand-picked cosmetics, it’s free. Yup, free. And to add more thrill to this gift, their brands are sourced from indie and big brands, supporting the coolest peeps out there! AND you’ll feel so good knowing its high quality, cruelty-free, safe, and eco friendly!! Truly the most beautiful babe that I can kiss! But first, let me go grab their make-up...


4. Glass Water Bottle with Crystal


Crystals have been around since the birth of stone and spirit itself, a beautiful history, shared among the ancients to help fight diseases, ailments, from heavy heart, body and mind, igniting your natural body’s healing energy to recover, uplifting you to greater joy. Choose a crystal that speaks to you, whether it’s for finance, love, peace, or perhaps just wanting to feel less afraid. Even if you aren’t a believer in that stone spirit, you’ll become one quickly. I can tell ya, I was frankly mesmerized and thoroughly amused at witnessing shiny crystals and light reflecting like a kaleidoscope in my water bottle. Does that not bring you peace?! Ohm...yes…! The things that delight our senses, wowza. Crystal water bottles bring you crystal healing on the go, during meditation, at your corporate grind or just relaxing at home. 


5. Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron Round French Oven


For those cooking enthusiasts, foodies and heck, we’ve all got that one friend or family member who spends loads of time in the kitchen! This is your one-pot stop, for that college kid moving out pot, (um, the other kind…). It’s like Grandma’s secret that gets passed down from generation to generation. The coolest part is, that it’s become such a freaking huge hit with moms, grannies, kids, newlyweds, housewarmings, and truly anyone with just good taste. 


FYI post your gift #hashtag #CharmedCrates to your friends, sisters, mammas, colleagues and #sharethelove #supportsmallbusiness 

Let us know your fave!! 🙊❤

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