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A Little Girl with a Big Dream

When I was a girl of seven...

I dreamed of eradicating loneliness and heartache from the world. 
I dreamed of a world filled with love and kindness.
But I knew that merely dreaming was only a first step.
So I set out on my big journey.
I began by creating exciting gifts for my family and friends.
In school, social cliques and bullying can be hard, so I made it my mission to include all the students in our activities, especially those that were often left out.
On weekends I’d head to the nursing home. Initially, it was with my grandma and later on by myself, to entertain those that had no family - or those whose family lived far away. 
After finishing high school, my childhood dream resurfaced, I decided to become a doctor. 
I majored in Biology and took all the pre-med requisites. However, times were tough financially and I needed to make ends meet…. 
One night, distressing over mounting bills, I remembered the wide-eyed 7-year-old girl wanting to better the world, and her love for putting together precious gifts and the joy it brought me, as well as to my friends and family receiving them.
I set out to launch my company, Charmed Crates. At first, it was all arranged in my bedroom in my tiny Brooklyn apartment I lived in. From there it spread into my living room, then my halls, until I realized that I needed a larger space! I then rented storage units 30 minutes from my apartment. I just had no idea where my dreams were taking me, but from the feedback I was getting, I knew I was on the right track. I’d been volunteering as an EMT still determined to attend medical school while launching my new business. When the company grew I knew I needed help but I set out to hire those that were in similar positions like myself, financially limited, and perhaps some of them who were neglected by their own families. As graduation neared and my love for Charmed Crates grew with each passing day, I knew I had to make an important decision on which path to take for the future. And then I remembered my dream. 
A dream to spread as much love and care as humanly possible. A dream of making the world a little kinder and a more compassionate place. But I needed a larger space! So, I packed my stuff and headed down to North Carolina where my journey has just begun, to make my dreams into reality.