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Premade Easter Gift Box
Premade Easter Gift Box
Premade Easter Gift Box
Premade Easter Gift Box
Premade Easter Gift Box
Premade Easter Gift Box
Easter Care Package
adult Easter basket

Premade Easter Gift Box

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🐰 Easter Magic, Unveiled: Transform Easter into an unforgettable adventure with our ready-to-go premade easter baskets! Watch as their eyes light up and joy takes center stage, creating cherished memories that will be talked about for years to come.

🐰Easter Gift Box Includes:
{1} Plush Easter Bunny
{1} Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies
{1} Jelly Beans
{1} Easter Egg with Treat Inside
{1} Fun Dip
{1} Sour Patch
{1} Organic Popcorn
{1} Potato Chips
{1} Mini Pretzels
{1} Chocolate Chip Cookies
{1} Cheez-It
{1} Kellogg's Pastry Crisps
{1} Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
{1} Rice Krispies Treat
{3} Laffy Taffy
{3} Airheads
{4} Tootsie Rolls
{2} Starbursts
{2} Lollipops
{1} Chewy Taffy Candy
{1} Smarties
{1} Fruit Snacks
{2} Bunny Erasers

🐰Easter Cheer On Your Doorstep - Faster Than A Bunny On Caffeine: Experience the adrenaline of Easter joy racing to your door for an Easter basket filled with candy and snacks. Our swift delivery ensures your festivities kick off right on time. Time to welcome the cheer, pronto!

🐰 All the contents of this Easter Care Package are hand-placed with love, care, and attention to detail. We have strict quality control checks to ensure that it arrives beautifully packaged providing the recipient a one-of-a-kind experience. If you're not thrilled and love your Charmed Crates pre-made Easter basket, let us know and we'll refund you - no questions or hassles.